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Sorry for the crap quality xD but here’s my Elite 4 team for Pokemon X, and yes I know I ditched Froakie but I could resist the fire psychic awesomeness!
Absolutely loved HoH, shame it only lasted me three days xD but the scene with Leo on Ogygia has to be my favourite. I just hope Leo keeps his promise and we get to see what happens in Blood of Olympus!

Sorry :’(

So yea, sorry I haven’t been on in the last few months everyone, exams next week, HoH and Pokemon X kinda took over my life xDD

But yea, I should be posting a lot more in the upcoming weeks, enjoy :)

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Just woken up to a ton of Lilo and Stick pictures on here O.o So I thought i’d join in with the fun! Have to say my favourite was always the yellow sparky one :D
Getting into posting more Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus stuff now, enjoy :)
I’m sorry but it has to happen, bring on the argument about Leyna :D
How I feel about waiting for the next Percy Jackson/ Heroes of Olympus book -_-
How I’m feeling at the moment :D